Which male bird produces milk for its young?

Which male bird produces milk for its young?- Both female and male pigeons produce a nutrient-rich substance in their crop to feed their young (squabs). This substance has been likened to lactation in mammals and is known as pigeon “milk.” During lactation, a curd-like substance is created from the cells that line the bird’s crop (a pouch found in the bird’s throat). At mealtime, one or both parents will regurgitate the substance into the eager mouths of the young squabs. Pigeons are one of only three bird species that produce milk — the other two are flamingos and male emperor penguins.

The pigeon is one of only three bird species (the others being flamingos and male emperor penguins) known to produce ‘milk’ to feed their young. In pigeons the milk starts to be produced in the crop of the parent birds two days before eggs hatch.

Well, have you ever heard of something called “pigeon milk?” Pigeons, one of the most ancient of domesticated birds, feed their nestlings a peculiar, milky liquid—straight from the adult’s beak to the baby’s throat.

Although milk is exclusively a mammalian production, some birds, such as pigeons, penguins and flamingos, produce a milk-like substance which provides similar benefits to their young. Both female and the male pigeons produce it in their crop, and like mammalian milk production is controlled by the hormone prolactin.

Which male bird produces milk for its young?


The correct answer is Pigeon


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